The “DENIVER” itself represents couple of companies for manufacturing and an export oriented company which have the product diversity in the different era’s, producing handmade products using natural fibres both in raw & regenerated form, garment cutting waste, agro based farm to meet the local demand & online clothing brand where clients can choose a wide variety of RAW Jeans including Super heavy weight Jeans which are made from “Indigofera Tinctoria”.
Also we have a denim supply business to Bangladesh garment manufacturer for the world renowned clothing brands.

We “DENIVER” sets our mind to build our factories in the “MONGA” area to avoid a problematic imbalance between the urban and rural area, so that our Artisan’s can lead a quality life, send their kids to school, can save money and empowers women as income earners, let them stay at their own living places, create employment in a bigger industrial chain accessible to rural workers.
Artisan’s of “DENIVER” are 90% of women & within their walking or cycling distance from our workplace so that they no need to pay for transport or accommodation cost.

We “DENIVER” deals mostly with the eco friendly products which are great alternatives to the traditional used plastic such as Rugs, Tote bags, wine bag, shopping bag, espadrilles, braided rugs & bags, eco table wares from sugarcane waste & many more products which are best known for our unique designs, durability & quality products.

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